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Welcome to my website, my name is Cathryn Cheek and I’m glad you’re here!

I am a student-athlete at Drake University studying Digital Media and Production by day, and a leader on Drake University’s Volleyball team by night (and very early mornings).

My love for music, film, and production run in the family. I have two older sisters, Courtney (25) who is an inspiring actress, and Caitlin (23) who is currently getting her masters in Visualization/art animation.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where I attended Coppell High School before packing my bags to Des Moines, Iowa. It wasn’t an easy move, but my love for travel and new adventures led me to the corn-fields that I live now. As I get older I want to be able to move and easily adapt to different environments, and Des Moines definitely tests that!

The most important things in my life are faith, my family, and my dreams. Without one of these, the other suffers. My family not only lead me in my faith but encouraged me in my dreams. Without God, I would not have the amazing family I do or the courage to pursue my dreams. And my dreams give me a reason to lean on my family and The One who provides it all.

So what are my dreams? As I get older I develop new ones and grow out of others. But if you asked 2-year-old Cathryn what her dreams where, they would not sway far from where I am today. 2-year-old me would probably tell you that she wants to be a singer and perform in front of hundreds and thousands of people. My heart today would say the same, but my savvier stage fright might tell a different story. That’s where I found love behind the camera and locked up in studios. My goal is to produce content in whatever medium that inspires and moves people.

There’s no doubt I have a long way to go before I can achieve my goals, and I have a long journey ahead of me. But with the help of my family, the determination my coaches gave me, and the skills Drake University gave me, I have no doubt that one day I will get there.

Feel free to check out my resume and some of the videos and stories I’ve made for news platforms.

Thanks for stopping by!

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