Sample Packages

While taking courses at Drake University, I have put together various news packages for class and campus activities. With every new project comes new learning experiences and things to work on. Here are some of my projects and click the links to view the story and videos:

Drake Women’s Basketball Strives to Keep their Legacy

The purpose of this project was to keep it simple, one sound bite and a short story that captured readers.

What I learned: I learned how to frame interviews properly and ask questions to receive the best possible sound bite for the viewers. Read the full story here and watch the package.


Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival adds ‘Sizzling’ New Twists

The purpose of the project was to layout b-roll with natural sound to produce a story that was visually appealing.

What I learned: I learned to capture as much footage on the scene as possible. It’s always better to have more footage than you need than to wish you had a deeper variety of footage. I also was able to get my feet in the door with writing anchor scripts that match my video footage. Read the full story here and watch the package.

Jazz is Back for its Spotlight

The purpose of this project was to capture visually appealing video with one sound bite. We then created a voice over script to go along with anchor read-ins and anchor readouts.

What I learned: Covering live music for the video was a little challenging. I set up two cameras, one to get the background and natural sound and the other to use for the visuals. It’s always best to have more footage than what you think, I wish I would have grabbed more medium shots when I came back to edit, but luckily I had what I needed to to make the package work.

Click here to read the full story and watch the package.

Drake Volleyball gets the Ball Rolling on their Foreign Tour

The purpose of the project was to work with writing, editing and producing voice-overs for our packages.

What I learned: This package was difficult to produce because I had a lot of information to fit into the package with my voice over but you can only show people bowling so many times. Going back I probably would have captured more interactions with people and some other events in between.

Click here to read the full story and watch the package.  

Drake Men’s Basketball Says Goodbye to their Head Coach after just One Season

The purpose of this project was to work with voice-overs, interviews, and b-roll.

What I learned: I wanted to do something different with this package since it was an emotional story for some of the players. I first would have shown the first source a little earlier than in the package. I also would have also tried to get the source to speak up since the audio levels were low during the interview.

Click here to read the full story and watch the package.

Drake University Dances for Those Who Can’t

The purpose of this project was to collect 2 sources for the sound bites and start working with stand-ups and getting used to being on camera.

What I learned: Since we have to check out the camera’s from our school I learned to check all the equipment before getting to set. I realized that I was not given mics to use with the camera so I had a hard time picking up sound from my sources. I learned that in those cases I need to get as close to my source as possible and try to find a quiet place to pick up the best sound possible.

Click here to read the full story and watch the package. 

Rucker Lives On

The purpose of this story was too work with multiple sources while combining transitional standups.

What I learned: For this project (ENG), I really wanted to challenge myself and cover a story that isn’t just another event or uplifting activity. I wanted a true story and a meaningful story. The sources were tough to interview and I had to be careful with what questions I asked. I wanted to get good content but I didn’t want to make my interviewees uncomfortable. A big take away I got was how to ask leading questions and to let people talk, they ultimately drive the conversation, I’m just there to mediate. It was also very difficult to get sequencing for this video. You can only film an empty hallway so many times. I even had to create sequencing from shots in the editing process which isn’t the most effective way to get great camera work. Instead of showing sequencing of the school I decided to take to social media to find images and videos of Malik Rucker to bring visuals to my story.

Click here to read the full story and watch the package.

Weather Drake Relays Likes it or Not

The purpose of this story was to talk about the expected poor weather for Drake Relays and how it effects the event

What I learned:

B-roll, B-roll, B-roll. It was very hard to get the shots I wanted and I had to rely on my camera partner to get most of the shots since he was the only one allowed on the track at the time. Not only was I not a fan of some of B-roll but I needed way more than what we shot. Always over shoot, espcially when your story is changing as you go.

Click here to read the full story and watch the package.

I look forward to making new packages, covering more stories and learning about my community through journalism and video. If you would like to see other videos I’ve made for platforms other than news, please contact me through my site!